Social networks have made sharing your art incredibly easy, but there’s a big catch.

It takes a lot of time, and sometimes it’s harder to get it done if the artist has to be offline.

It’s a lot easier to find a crowd of people who want to share a piece of art than it is to find the right one.

That’s where the mind-share site, Mindshare, comes in.

The site lets you share your work online and then automatically connects you to other artists.

You then have to decide whether to post it to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest accounts.

The site doesn’t require you to have an account on the platform and doesn’t include the social networking features you’ll get with Facebook, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

However, it does provide a curated list of artists with a profile on the site.

“We believe in giving you the tools to share with the world what you’re passionate about, and that’s what makes it so compelling,” Mindshare cofounder and CEO Michael Biermann told Vice News.

“The idea behind Mindshare is to create a community where you can be your own art curator, creating a community that allows you to share what you create with people from all over the world.”

You can also use the service to make your artwork public.

When someone shares your artwork on the service, they’re given the opportunity to embed it in their own post or video, as well as add a caption or photo to it.

You can also upload your work to Facebook, and it’s possible to embed a piece on Instagram and YouTube as well.

“Our goal is to make sharing art easier, so that people feel more empowered to share their work and that makes our work stand out in this increasingly competitive world,” Bierman said.

You can sign up for the service now.

The service is currently free, but users will need to pay $19.99 to be eligible for a $5 discount on the first year.

For now, the site has a handful of artists on the list of people willing to share an image, and you can sign-up as many as you like.

But, it’s unclear whether Mindshare will expand beyond the artists who have signed up so far.

“The more artists we can connect, the more people we can reach,” Biersmann said.

“We don’t want people who aren’t on Mindshare to be left out.”

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