What happens when the social media network re-opens in the middle of a massive data breach?

The answer could well be to go down with the ship.

On Tuesday, the social networking giant said it was shutting down its Zuckerkart, the popular social network that it acquired in December 2014.

Zuckerberg’s decision to stop trading its stock in the company that has been at the center of a data breach that resulted in tens of millions of credit card numbers and other personal information being leaked to the press is a massive blow to the company.

Zuckerkarts stock fell more than 1% in pre-market trading after the announcement.

That’s about a 25% decline from its closing price on Tuesday, and was the biggest one-day fall for the stock in more than two years.

Zuckers stock fell as much as 11% on the Nasdaq over the same period.ZUCKERBERG: The news was really devastating for us and our team.

We’re disappointed and heartbroken by this news.

This is something that we thought was going to happen and it did.

And it really hurts us.

The news was just devastating for our company.

We have been doing a lot of work with our partners to keep the company running and to keep this platform operational, and this news has really knocked that out of the park.

We just lost our largest customer in the history of our company and we are devastated by this.ZUZERBERGER: It’s hard to explain how this news impacts you.

It was a huge blow to our team, to our business.

But we’re just going to keep working and keeping the platform going.

Zuckerberg said it will continue to provide services to Zucker, as well as other businesses, to keep Zuckergarts platform running.

In an announcement to investors on Tuesday afternoon, Zuckerman said the company would be shutting down the Zuckerners platform to ensure that data security measures were put in place to protect customer information.

The news comes less than two weeks after Zuckerr and Zuckerberger announced a $10 million investment from billionaire investor Yuri Milner.

The company also announced a new partnership with the Zuckerburg Group, a group of Chinese billionaires, to help finance the company’s efforts to secure a new cloud storage provider for Zuckery, and to help Zuckering continue to operate as a cloud service provider.

In a statement, Milner, who has invested more than $150 million in social networks, said: “It’s hard for me to believe that Zuckeroft, with its massive user base, was in this position, with such a massive breach.

We are grateful to our friends at Zuckertalk and Zuckercards team for their continued dedication to keeping the Zugerverse safe.

We are committed to protecting our customers’ personal information and will do everything we can to ensure Zuckerdks platform continues to function and grow as it always has.”

Milner also promised a “massive” fundraising campaign to help secure ZuckERKARTs future.ZOO: We’re going to take the full measure of the damage that has happened to the ZUZerbergers platform, and we will continue working on a new, secure platform.

This will be the end of the Zuberberger platform as we know it.

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