Facebook is looking into reports that it could have been hacked by a third party, the company said in a blog post.

The social network company has not confirmed the report but said in the post that it is “aware of a number of troubling and potentially embarrassing events related to the Reddit data breach.”

The blog post said the social network has hired an outside security firm to look into the matter.

The company did not elaborate on the specific details of the report.

The Reddit breach was first reported on Thursday.

It was discovered after a Reddit user posted on a popular subreddit asking Reddit’s staff how many accounts were compromised.

Facebook has not commented on the breach.

The post by Reddit employee Alex Krizhevsky also said that Reddit users have been asking for information about the incident, with many saying that the company is too slow in responding.

The blog also said Reddit users are asking for help in identifying who might have hacked the site.

Facebook did not specify who it thinks is behind the hacking, but did say it has been in contact with Reddit and is monitoring the situation closely.

In the post, Facebook said it is working to fix the issue, which includes making it easier to report the incident to authorities.

The post did not detail what kind of help it is offering to Reddit.

“We know that there are a number, but we don’t know exactly who,” the company wrote.

“Reddit’s admins have made it very clear that they will not be taking this seriously and will not allow it to get worse.

We will work closely with them as they work to fix this.”

Reddit’s chief executive Steve Huffman said he is confident that Facebook is on the right track in investigating the Reddit breach.

“It’s just disappointing that they have not responded in a timely manner,” Huffman told CNBC on Friday.

“It’s not something that Reddit is comfortable with and it’s not a big surprise.”

Huffman said Reddit’s admins are doing a great job of communicating with their users, and that Facebook has taken action.

“They’re working hard to fix that and we’re very pleased with that,” he said.

“The whole world knows how much we love Reddit and how much Reddit is loved by millions of people around the world.”

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