Google is finally closing its doors to the rest of its Facebook business after 10 years of dominance.

On Monday, Google announced that it was shutting down its social networking software business, following a $100 billion acquisition by Facebook.

The social networking giant had been focused on its own business, but had also sold off its LinkedIn and Instagram businesses.

The company’s social networking platform is part of a $2 billion deal Google made with Facebook in 2017 that saw the two companies merge into a company that now boasts more than 4.6 billion users and almost $600 billion in annual revenue.

Google Blog, a Google social networking app, is shutting down, Google said in a blog post.

“Today we have made the difficult decision to terminate the business.

We thank all our loyal and loyal employees who have made a great place to work, to share ideas, to connect, and to connect again,” the blog said.

“In doing so, we hope to ensure that we don’t lose the many amazing products and services we built on Blog..”

According to the blog, the blog’s community will remain on the platform for as long as needed.

Google’s LinkedIn and Twitter pages will continue to function.

“While is no longer going to be part of Google, we’ll continue to offer great services and products, and we’ll also continue to share news and content with you,” the post said.

“We are excited to see our customers, developers, and our employees continue to thrive under Google and to look forward to working with them to grow the business even more.”

The blog said it is taking “appropriate measures” to protect the interests of its employees and employees’ families.

The move comes after months of speculation over the future of Google’s social networks.

In October, Yahoo announced that its parent company, Yahoo!

Inc., would acquire LinkedIn for $26.5 billion.

The acquisition came after Yahoo announced plans to spin off its social media and search businesses.

Last week, Facebook announced that Facebook would shut down its mobile apps and services and sell its mobile business to Microsoft Corp. for $19 billion.

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