How to get noticed in China?

You have to be popular.

You have need to be liked by your peers.

And of course, you have to keep your eye on the social network.

Here are seven tips to be successful on social media in china.1.

Make it easy to be discovered.

Chines social media network has a variety of categories, which means you can be a topic for all kinds of things.

You can be an insider, a celebrity, a person with a bad reputation, or a member of a certain social circle.

If you’re an outsider, you can even be seen as a jerk.

But if you’re not an outsider or you’re just part of a group, then you can get noticed.

You just have to have a simple profile.2.

Use the social media platform’s “like” button.

Some social media platforms, like Weibo, allow you to “like,” or “share” posts from your own account, which lets you promote your profile to others.

But this button also lets you choose which posts to like, which you can also choose to block.

When you “like”, it sends a message to your friends to “liked” the posts you like.

But when you “share”, it tells all your friends that you “loved” a post that you didn’t.

This is a great way to show your friends who you are and give them an opportunity to “follow” you on social networks.3.

If the person you like is popular, then your profile will get a lot of likes and shares.

So don’t hesitate to post things that your fans are interested in, even if they’re not your own personal favorites.4.

If there’s a lot going on in the comments, the person who posted the post is probably going to have more followers.

So make sure you can easily interact with them and keep your own followers.5.

Don’t forget to follow other people’s posts.

You want to be able to find people who share your interests and interests of others, as well as share their news.

People who have a similar social media profile to yours will find other people to follow.6.

Make your posts fun.

If your posts are about food, you should be sharing recipes, making fun of your neighbors, or whatever.

If they’re about your birthday, you might be posting pictures of your birthday party or the holidays.

If it’s about a birthday, it might be about something you do or say that you can’t always remember.

When sharing a picture, it’s best to include the date, time, and the location.7.

Be funny.

People will share your funny posts, whether it’s an actual joke or not.

When a funny post comes out, you may even get some comments from people who like your posts, which can be helpful in building up your profile.

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