There’s no shortage of reasons to avoid reading social networks or reading news for your daily news consumption.

But what about the social media news feed, which has become so much a part of our daily lives that it is a must-have for almost every media-consuming person?

Now, a new study says that reading Facebook and Twitter for news is a good idea for people who want to stay connected to news on a daily basis.

The study, published in the journal Psychological Science, says that for the first time, people who follow the news on Facebook are more likely to stay in touch with the news story and their friends than those who are less active on the social networks.

In fact, the study found that people who are active on social networks are more engaged with their news sources and their social networks than people who aren’t active.

Social networks have become an integral part of life in many parts of the world.

The Internet is a great way for people to connect, share, and connect with others.

The question is whether it’s as effective for people on the other end of the newsfeed.

As we have already seen, the news is more easily digestible and digestible feeds are easier to consume.

It’s the same for social networks as it is for news.

Social media have been the lifeblood of many people’s lives and the way we engage with our world.

For some, the social network is just another way to consume news.

For others, social media are essential to their lives and their daily lives.

For now, the researchers said they think people on social media, who are more active on Facebook and who are generally more socially engaged, will be more likely than their counterparts on other platforms to stay engaged with the world around them.

For those who want more direct communication with their friends and family, the studies findings are more encouraging.

In addition, the research also showed that those who read news on social networking sites are more satisfied with their lives than those on other social networks and those who don’t.

For instance, those who were active on those social media sites were more satisfied than those people who weren’t.

Those who read and followed news on the Internet were more likely and more satisfied at their jobs and with their financial situation.

Social networking platforms have become more important to many people.

For a variety of reasons, we are now getting more news from social media platforms than ever before.

But they are also becoming more important for people in many other ways.

We’re finding more and more people are turning to the Internet as their primary news source.

People who read the news in the media on Facebook or Twitter are more interested in news and current events than people with no social media presence.

And people who don.t consume news on these platforms are more dissatisfied than those that do.

The news has been transformed.

But it is the information we consume that has changed, not the media that creates that information.

It is the media and the platforms that have changed.

People want to connect more than ever with their family, friends, and colleagues.

And as they have been for years, they want to be able to stay more connected to those around them through their social media feeds.

In many cases, the fact that news is consumed on social platforms is the first step toward the kind of communication that has been lacking on other media platforms.

But the research suggests that we can do more than just consume the news; we can also engage in more meaningful conversations and work together in our communities.

The research also shows that, if we want to remain connected to the news, we should do more of the following: Stay connected to our communities, particularly to those in our local communities.

Be involved in our community.

Help those in need.

Make a difference in the world, wherever you are. 

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