The internet is filled with memes.

From The Simpsons to Ghostbusters, memes are an integral part of the culture.

Here’s a look at some of the most famous memes on the internet, as told to me by readers.1.

 Merry Christmas from Reddit The “Merry Xmas” meme is popular in the subreddit r/movies and is frequently used to promote a movie.

Merry christmas to everyone!

Merry Xmas!

– 2.

“Tiny and Smoky” from RedditThe second most popular meme on the site, this one uses the characters from the TV show Tiny and Smokys to promote an indie film.

Tiny & Smoky!

– r/ 3.

New Year’s Eve meme from RedditA meme which features a person wearing a Christmas sweater and holding a balloon with the words “New Years Eve” and a heart in it.

The New Years Eve meme is a common online meme that encourages people to have a happy new year and socialize on social media.

This meme was popular in November 2016, when the hashtag #newyearseve was trending.


Shrek GIF from RedditThis one has a bit of a weird history, but its now a meme.

Its not exactly a new meme, as this meme was first posted in November 2011.

Reddit users are known to share images of themselves on the social network.

As one Redditor put it, “If I had a shrek, I’d be a shrinking shrek.


Gangnam Style from Instagram The “Gangam Style” meme originated as an online game.

Instagram users have also made some of their favorite memes using a variety of images of gang members in various states of undress.

There are a variety as to how the memes have evolved over time.

A popular image on Instagram shows a man with a hoodie over his head, a baggy shirt over his shoulder, and his pants rolled up.

He is wearing a pair of jeans.


Fashion meme from InstagramThis one uses a man in a shirt that reads “Hail Mary” and is surrounded by men wearing matching shirts and ties.

These photos are very popular on Instagram, but there are several variations of the same meme.

These include “Hair,” “Cocktail,” and “Suit.”


Darth Vader from InstagramA famous image on the popular Instagram app.

It is not entirely clear what prompted this image to be created, but it was posted in January 2018.

While the Darth Vader meme is very popular online, it is very unlikely that this meme will be the meme to be popular forever.8.

Halloween meme from ImgurThe “Halloween” meme has been used for years, and it is not clear what inspired this image.


Kanye West meme from TwitterOne of the more popular memes on Twitter.


Donald Trump meme from FacebookMany people associate the Trump meme with Trump.

But its popularity has declined in recent years.


Papa John’s pizza meme from TumblrThis meme features a pizza deliveryman in a hat and pants and holding an orange box.

Some users have noted that the meme has fallen out of popularity.


Star Wars meme from YouTubeThis meme is used to mock Star Wars fans.


Disney Princesses from YouTubeThere are many different variations of this meme.

Some include characters wearing Princess outfits.


Miley Cyrus meme from VimeoAnother popular meme.

It has a slightly different origin.


I’ve Got a Feeling from TwitterThis meme has become very popular over the years.

It is often accompanied by a photo of the subject wearing a hat with a white bowtie.


Bachelor Party from InstagramAn online dating meme, where users post pictures of their friends at a bachelor party.


Bill O’Reilly meme from BuzzfeedThe “Bill O.

Reilly” meme first appeared on Buzzfeed in May 2018.

It was used to make fun of the cable news personality.


Trump T-shirt meme from PinterestThe “Trump T” meme started as a joke about the president.


Older-style “Duck Dynasty” meme from BuzzFeedBuzzfeed uses this image in its header, captioned with “Trump: The Duck.”


Obama meme from Time Another popular online meme.

It’s often used to parody the president’s political stances.


Easter egg from GoogleBuzzFeedThis one is a bit tricky.

Users post a meme of the president, which has the caption “It’s Easter!”

The user then

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