Facebook has launched a new marketing campaign in India.

The social network has been testing its nude social network since the beginning of October, when it first launched its ‘Naked Facebook’ feature.

Facebook has reportedly been testing the nude social networks since August, but it’s only now that the campaign is in full swing.

Facebook is now offering people in India a “Free Naked” service in the form of a free, nude image of the person they like.

The nude image is placed in the ‘Friends’ section, where users can click on it to see a short bio of the nude image.

The image is only available to users in India, so users will only be able to view the nude images of other people in the country, not themselves.

Facebook plans to sell the naked image to advertisers on its ‘More Pages’ pages.

“Free naked is part of Facebook’s commitment to being the world’s leading place to find nude photos,” a Facebook spokesperson told The Times of India.

“We are working hard to bring free nude content to more users worldwide and have launched a campaign to connect with them.

We are constantly improving our services and look forward to sharing more news soon.”

Facebook will also provide people who are looking for naked photos with an option to opt out of seeing naked photos, in a separate option on the ‘More pages’ page.

The campaign comes just days after a photo posted to the ‘Pics’ section of the Facebook account of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which shows the Indian Prime Minster in a compromising position with a woman.

Facebook, which has been embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal in recent months, has been working on a range of new ways to address sexual harassment on its platform.

Earlier this month, Facebook revealed that it is now testing the removal of “harmful content” in India to curb harassment.

Facebook’s efforts have been seen by some as a direct response to a Facebook poll conducted by a group of female students.

The survey revealed that women in India were less likely to report sexual harassment than their male counterparts.

“What Facebook is doing is helping people to see and feel their humanity and not feel ashamed of it,” said Anushka Sharma, director of the Women, Gender and Sexuality Program at the University of Illinois.

“It’s a way of showing women that we exist, that we are not alone and that we can be heard.”

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