Social networking has taken a back seat to the likes of LinkedIn and Facebook in the job market, but there are signs that the internet is taking a backseat too.

Sconey, a social networking company, has launched a new social network called SconeX that allows people to create and share content that will help them gain the social capital they need.

Sconesx, launched in the US, will work with a range of companies including Scone and Scone, and it is designed to provide people with the social networking tools they need to work in the digital world.

Screex is currently available in the UK, Canada, Germany, France, Japan, South Africa, the Netherlands, Spain, the US and the Netherlands.

Scoonix is a brand name for Sconeys digital social network, and Scones has been growing rapidly in recent years.

Scoons social network is similar to Sconexs own social network and offers users access to a range, including content that may be useful for a job interview, an advert or a promotional event.

“Sconex is the next generation of social networking that will make the social world easier for you and your team to work together,” said Scott Hodge, Scone’s founder.

“With Sconexx you can: share a profile with other members of your team, get instant access to all the content you want and even connect with your favourite people on social media.”

Social networking will be one of the areas of the Scone business that will be targeted by Scone as Scone has been increasing its digital presence.

“It is great to be working with an industry leader like Scone that has the technology, the know-how and the business model to help our employees succeed,” said Scone boss and chief executive Steve Hodge.

“This is what we do best and SconiX will be a great example of that.

Sconix’s digital strategy is based on helping people collaborate and communicate across the globe, enabling them to stay connected with their colleagues across the world.”

Scone is a social network that enables people to connect with their friends and family.

Sconix offers a range with a number of features that include: Sconez instant access, where people can see the latest posts and messages from their friends; Sconezz, a shared network where people share photos and videos, with the option to add comments and organise conversations; and Sconzz, where users can send a photo and text to each other.

Sconedys social network features include: Social Media Management: SconiZ, Scoonz and Screez allow users to manage their profile on their own account and share their posts, ideas and other content.

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