Tech startup woof has announced it will be building a social network that will teach students about the Internet and cryptocurrencies.

The startup, which previously worked on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, announced today that it has developed a social networking classroom that will be available for download on the internet.

The classroom will teach the students about “how the internet is a global commons,” the startup said in a blog post.

“It is an open platform that allows users to create and share content, share ideas and share knowledge.”

In the future, the classroom will also allow students to “learn how to build a new currency and how to develop a decentralized network, one that will serve as the backbone for the internet.”

Woof was founded in 2017 by David Zimbeck, an engineer at a start-up incubator, and David J. Wray, a professor at the University of Maryland who teaches online learning.

Woof was launched in partnership with CoinLab, a blockchain-focused start-ups accelerator.

“As a community, we are seeing incredible growth in blockchain, digital identity, digital commerce, and crypto-currencies,” Woof CEO David Zimbardo wrote in the blog post announcing the launch.

“Our students are starting to understand the power of the Internet to create economic opportunity, and they’re learning how to use the Internet for their own projects.

We believe that by taking advantage of this new platform, we can bring blockchain education to more people than ever before.”

The Woof website shows that the classroom is currently in development and will be made available for free download in early 2018.

The company also offers a video tutorial on how to make a cryptocurrency classroom, a cryptocurrency exchange, and other services.

Woof is a partnership between CoinLab and CoinTeachers, a platform that connects schools and colleges with crypto-focused teachers.

CoinTeachers also is a partner with the nonprofit CoinJoin, which provides a digital certificate for people to certify their skills.

CoinJoin also has partnerships with major tech companies including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, BitPay, and Circle.

The platform currently has over 6,000 teachers certified, according to CoinJoin.

Woo has a number of other partnerships that include a digital currency exchange, a decentralized payment service, and a bitcoin exchange.

Woos also announced a partnership with BitPay that will allow schools to buy bitcoin through the exchange.

Woof also is working on an online learning platform that will integrate blockchain technology into a high school classroom.

Woostos platform will allow students who are interested in a blockchain technology-related field to enroll in a digital course.

Wooes course is called Blockchain Tech for Teachers.

According to CoinLab’s blog post, Woof is “an open-source, open-access, peer-to-peer platform that aims to revolutionize how educators interact with students in their classrooms.”

Woof has also been working with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) on a blockchain education platform.

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