In a world where smartphones are everywhere, blocking social networks has become a necessary part of a smart-phone-obsessed lifestyle.

But a new startup, Telepath, says it has developed a way to do it safely and securely with the help of smart phones.

The app lets you easily block a particular social network or specific social network on your phone and block all others.

You can set a timer on your smartphone to trigger a block and set the time for the block to expire.

When the block expires, your phone will automatically reboot.

Telepath says this is a more secure way of protecting privacy than the standard method of blocking a particular network.

While it’s not an ideal solution for the average user, TelePath says it works well for social media users who want to stay on top of all the social network updates.

“If you want to keep track of which people are commenting on your posts, you don’t want to have to keep your phone in your pocket all day,” says CEO Brian Sainsbury.

Telepath, based in Los Angeles, has been selling a suite of apps that lets you block specific social networks and blocks a particular website or app on your device.

For example, it offers the Block Bot for blocking websites that post content that contains “offensive or objectionable content,” which can include content that violates Facebook’s rules.

The bot also blocks websites that use the same domain or IP address.

TelePath also offers a block bot for blocking Twitter, which blocks any Twitter accounts that use that address.

The Telepath block bot also offers more advanced blocking options.

The Bot blocks all accounts that have more than 1,000 followers, and block accounts that tweet more than 10 times per day.

For Twitter, Telephisto blocks accounts with more than 40,000 Twitter followers.

It also offers an extension for blocking specific social networking websites, which lets users set a time limit for the bot to automatically block specific sites.

The extension blocks sites like Facebook and Twitter for 15 days, then it will automatically block those sites.

Telephistos block for a day or two, then the extension blocks for a week.

Telephists block for up to two weeks, then Telephos blocks for up the next two weeks.

TelePhistos also has a dedicated block bot that blocks Twitter for up 15 days.

The Bot block bot is available on both Android and iOS devices.

TelePhisto also offers the Bot block app on Windows, Mac, and Linux devices.

TelePath, which is part of an umbrella company called Telepath Technologies, is the brainchild of former Google and Facebook executives.

They are also former Google employees.

Telepathy was originally designed as a way for developers to build apps to connect to other companies’ networks.

Telepathy was meant to be a way of building apps to be able to interact with other apps and websites.

It was also intended to be an alternative to blocking social networking services.

“It’s a way that we could build apps that connect with existing apps that we’re already using and that people have already built,” Sainsburys says.

“You could use these apps as a tool to interact and build with.”

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