The social network Png has revealed how to delete someone’s photo from your friends list on Facebook.

Png, which makes photo sharing tools for developers and publishers, said it used an app called PhotoCleaner to clean a Facebook photo from its cache, removing it from your Friends list.

PhotoCleaner uses software called PhotoCleanser to scan a user’s photo library and remove the photos from their photo library.

When a user deletes a photo from their Facebook photo library, PhotoClean, PhotoCoolser, Photo Cleaner Pro, Photo Removal, and Photo Clean are all installed on their device.

Png’s software will then ask the user for permission to delete the photo from the user’s library.

You can delete a photo using PhotoCleaners, Photo Coolsers, and Photos Removal.

PNG’s photo removal app will also let you delete a friend’s Facebook photo.

Once you’ve deleted a photo, you’ll be notified.

You can then delete it by going to Settings > Photos > Delete a Photo.PNG’s Facebook page says users can delete their friends’ photo by visiting Settings > Friends > Delete Facebook photo, or by navigating to Settings → Friends.

It says users must then delete their photo in order to delete their Friends list on Png.

Peng Zhao, Png vice president of product management, told ABC News that the photo removal tool can delete images and video that are hosted on your Facebook page.

He said the app deletes images hosted on Facebook Pages as well as photos that are posted by other users on Facebook, but not from your Facebook friends.

Pong told the photo deletion tool will not delete your photos that have been shared on Facebook and will not remove photos that you’ve posted.

“If you share your Facebook photos on your own page, then we do remove the content from the shared page.

If you post them on your friends page, it’s completely safe to post them, but we will not take them down from your profile,” he said.

Piggybacking on Instagram, Pong said Facebook is trying to make photos easier to delete.

“So, they’re not really deleting the photos, they are only deleting the metadata,” he explained.

Pigs are also a popular source of Facebook photos, so the company plans to make it easy for people to delete them too.

Pioneering company Instagram is working on a feature called Photo Removal that allows users to remove photos from photos shared on Instagram.

Users can also choose to remove the Instagram photo from Facebook, Facebook Pages, or any other Instagram photos that they’ve shared.

Users can choose to delete photos hosted on Instagram and photos that appear in Instagram or Facebook pages.

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