With so many apps on offer, how do you choose the right one for your social media needs?

With that in mind, we’re looking at what you need to know when it comes to the best social networking applications for 2018.


Facebook: What is it?

Facebook is the number one social networking app, with more than 76 million monthly active users.

The app has a wide range of features including a large number of photo-sharing and photo-tagging features, including photos, videos and audio.

But the app is also the home for a wide variety of other features including groups, photos, posts and pages.

There are also a number of other social networking features including group messaging, groups, photo sharing, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Groups and more.2.

Snapchat: What’s it?

Snapchat is a new type of social networking application that is based on photo sharing.

Users can send, receive and comment on photos shared through Snapchat.

Users are able to add their own photos and videos to the social network.

It is a free app and offers the ability to share photos, video and audio, as well as share videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more via Facebook.

It also has a video-sharing feature, and users can upload and share video clips to their own accounts.3.

Tumblr: What does it do?

Tumblr is the newest social networking service from the blogging platform, which is based around photos, which it uses to post and manage posts.

Tumblr is an online community for creators and fans, who can upload, comment and share their art, music, stories, photographs, and other creative works on the platform.

It offers a wide array of social media features including photo-based posts, photo-collage, video-collages and more, including sharing videos, commenting and tagging photos.4.

Snapchat Stories: What do they do?

Snap Stories is a photo-focused social networking site.

Users use Snapchat Stories to share their personal photos, share their photos, and more with the world.

Snapchat offers a photo gallery for users to upload and browse photos, with the ability for users from all over the world to join.

Users also have the ability share their Snapchat Stories stories with the public, and share photos with others.5.

Facebook Stories: How do I use it?

Users can add photos to Facebook Stories by simply clicking the ‘Add Photos’ button on the top right of the screen, and then selecting the ‘Posts’ tab.

Users will then be presented with a list of their Facebook Stories photos, a drop down menu that can be used to select a photo to share.

Users may also add tags and hashtags to their posts and comments, and can choose from a range of different options.

Facebook is also a hub for other social networks including Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more for users who are looking for the most relevant content for their posts, comments and photos.6.

Instagram Stories: Why should I use Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories is one of the easiest social networking sites to use, and it is perfect for users looking to get a more active user base and connect with their fans.

Users simply have to create an account and enter their Facebook username and password.

They can then upload their photos to Instagram and share it with their followers.

This means users can keep their photos private and their posts visible to the world, as long as they have the correct permissions.

It can also be used as a way to share videos and videos on YouTube and Twitter.7.

Twitter Stories: what does it offer?

Twitter Stories is another popular social networking website, and offers a variety of features to users.

Users have the option to post photos to their account, and a number are able the option of tagging their photos with their favorite Twitter users.

They also have a number that allows them to view tweets from a number users, including celebrities, political figures, musicians, politicians and more that they may have tagged.8.

Pinterest: what is it and why should I pick it?

Pinterest is a popular social media site and app that has been in the news recently, due to its popularity.

It has recently become popular with people wanting to look for more creative ways to share content and make connections with others in a more positive way.

Users in the US can choose to post to their Pinterest account, or they can choose the ‘Pinch’ option, which allows them more freedom in sharing content and engaging in conversations with others on the site.9.

Instagram: how do I get started?

Instagram is a platform that allows users to post content and photos to the platform, and get likes and shares from others, with all the benefits of social networks.

Users get to choose what content they want to post, which can be anything from a simple photo of a cat to a picture of a wedding or event, with a variety on offer.

The platform also offers a

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