By Adam SesslerThe next big social network in the making is a social network builder that lets users build their own social networks and then sell them to others for a profit.

SmithSocial has raised $8.5 million in venture capital, according to a report by Bloomberg.

The company has raised a total of $55 million to date.

Smith will be taking a more traditional approach to its platform.

Instead of creating the social network it is building, it will sell it to third parties, according an investor release.

It will then take its platform business and build its own company to serve its users.

Smith said it will take a traditional approach for social networking but will also work on “new and innovative features” for the platform.

Smith Social will use the same business model as other social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Snapchat, said the release.

The Smiths said the company will have “more than 4,000 products, apps, and features” built for the social platform.

The announcement comes as other companies are taking a different approach to the business of social networking, as Facebook is reportedly trying to bring its “social graph” app to the iPhone and Android.

Smith’s business model is similar to Facebook’s, according the release, though it is not clear what features or products Smiths will offer.

Facebook’s social graph app is one of several social network products that are being acquired by other tech companies.

The app, which is similar in many ways to Twitter’s Timeline, lets users share images, status updates, and other information.

Facebook is also rumored to be acquiring Snapchat, which it acquired for $2 billion in March.

Snapchat is reportedly planning to expand its “snapchat friends” feature to include users from Facebook and other social networking sites.

Smith also plans to work with existing companies, such a mobile app developer, a company that specializes in app development, and a marketing company.

Smith plans to use the social graph to help it connect its users to its products and services, the release said.

Smith is working with Facebook to build its social network and sell its own services, and is also planning to develop a marketing product.

Smith has a product that lets people buy and sell digital content from its products.

It’s not clear how many people will be able to buy Smith products, but Smith said in a statement that it is working on plans to increase its customer base.

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