“I’m so proud of my kids.

They are smart, they are sensitive, they love books and they love sports,” said Jennifer Lee, the mother of a boy in suburban New Jersey who says he was bullied for years.

Lee, a teacher at a school in South Florida, has filed a federal lawsuit in the Southern District of Florida that seeks damages from the boy’s father and other people who helped him get into college and later found jobs.

The boy, now 12, suffers from Asperger syndrome, a form of autism that causes him to have difficulties interacting with others.

Lee said she was also a victim of bullying and harassment when she was in school.

“I am very angry and upset that my children’s school was targeted because of their personality and their ability to read,” Lee said.

“I have a son who I love so much.

I want him to succeed in school and in life.

And the way he’s been treated by this school and this community has just completely devastated my heart.”

Lee is suing her son’s father, Joseph Lee, for $1 million and his employers, who are represented by the firm of McCafferty & Associates, for negligence, defamation and other charges, according to a complaint filed Friday in the Miami-Dade County Circuit Court.

The suit accuses the defendants of failing to adequately monitor and protect Lee’s children’s social and academic progress, which resulted in their being bullied at school, at home, in the workplace and at home.

McCall, who is representing Joseph Lee in the case, said he and his client are confident that the suit will be successful.

“My client is a very hard-working and diligent man, and he has been the victim of the worst bullying that I have ever witnessed in my life,” McCaffercy said.

He said the allegations against Joseph Lee are “untrue, baseless and defamatory.”

In a statement, the school district said in part: “The allegations made by plaintiff are completely untrue, and we cannot comment further.”

Lee’s attorney, Paul P. Pascale, said in a statement that his client “was not bullied.

He was a very sensitive child, and his mental abilities were never in question.”

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